Let's face it, Valentine's Day can seem a bit over indulgent and commercial. We're here to spread the romance but spare your bank account! Here are our 10 best ideas for free ways to celebrate love with your bae:

Girl getting served breakfast in bed

1. Breakfast in Bed

What better way to start the day than with a cosy meal under the sheets? Hop out of bed early to really surprise your partner!


Girl sticking a love note on a mirror smiling

2. Write a Love Note

Leave a hand-written note somewhere special for your partner to find. Want to step it up a level? Make your own card! Everyone loves arts and crafts...


A couple in the kitchen cooking together

3. Bake Something Together

Make something sweet that the two of you can enjoy later. Tip: Pinterest the recipe in advance to be sure you have all the ingredients.


People getting served in a soup kitchen

4. Volunteer

Spend the day together helping those in need! Many volunteer opportunities require some planning, so option to spend some time sorting through your old clothing and make a donation.


Two girls sitting on couch looking at an album smiling together

5. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Look through photos of the two of you or even go through ticket stubs and souvenirs from time you've spent together. Bonus points for creating a playlist of significant songs from your relationship.


A man and women laughing in bath tub together

6. Romantic Bath

Break out a good bubble bath and some epsom salts. You can dim the lights in the evening, but a little afternoon delight never hurt either!


Two guys in a kitchen drinking wine together and smiling

7. Cook Dinner Together

Break out the wine and try a new recipe. You can plan ahead or see what you've got kicking around the pantry and get creative.


A guy giving a girl a massage in bed

8. Give Each Other a Massage

Put on your comfy clothes (or take them off) and start the rub down! Pro tip: you get your massage second so you walk away feeling the most relaxed.


Friends having a game night

9. Host a Game Night

Invite over a few couple friends and let the fun begin! A little competition never hurt anyone.


couples legs laying down watching a move

10. Romantic Movie Marathon

Get comfy-cozy and spend some time snuggling up on the couch. May we recommend The Notebook?

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