House of Jude Dorm Room Essentials

Are you or someone you know getting ready to go away to school in September? It’s hard to believe that it’s already August and if you’ve been avoiding a calendar, this is your friendly reminder that now is when you want to be preparing for this new chapter. 

Perhaps you’ve got your bags packed and have one foot out the door, or you’re making the most of your mom’s homemade dinners before you embark on this journey of newfound freedom (and meals like macaroni and cheese). Wherever you stand, I’m here to share some of our House of Jude Essentials that we recommend for the transition into a dorm/residence!

1. Oversized Turkish Towels
Our House of Jude Oversized Towels have a five star rating for several reasons. They are so versatile and for that alone, customers love them. They can serve as a towel, a scarf, a sarong, or even a blanket. The weave of the towel makes it absorbent, naturally antibacterial (less laundry please!) dries quickly and is
compact! Bonus, the more you wash it, the softer it gets!

Turkish towels hanging

2. Wash Cloth
Similar to the benefits above, the Wash Cloth should be added to your “must have” list. It’s absorbent, naturally antibacterial and has a convenient loop on the end of it for easy hanging. Our wash cloths are also great for individuals with skin sensitivities!

Wash cloths


3. Sleep Scrunchies

Our Sleep Scrunchies are an absolute must have! They are designed to fight frizz, prevent breakage AND preserve your hairstyle while sleeping. No more bed head! They are gentle and fit more loosely than average, allowing you to sleep comfortably without sacrificing your freshly washed hair. I swear by this Sleep
Scrunchie to give me at least an extra day (or two) of unwashed hair and with the business that school brings, time is precious!

Two satin sleep scrunchies on a nightstand

4. Sleep Pillow
Our sleep pillow is not just a “must have” for those going off to a new dorm/residence. These pillows should be waiting for each and every one of us at the end of a long day. They are incredible for softness and comfort, are made with high quality cotton, and they scream luxury. The only problem is, you might
have difficulty leaving it in the morning (I know I do)!

Two sleep pillows on a chair

5. Waffle Blanket
This is one of my all-time favourite products from our collection. Our waffle blanket adds luxury and style to any room. It’s durable and comes in various sizes and colours making it perfect for any space and season. Add this to your “must have” list and transform your new space into a luxurious oasis!

Bedding with waffle blanket on it

6. Candle
Last, but certainly not least, our House of Jude candles are an absolute necessity for anyone and everyone! Two different incredible scents, both equally amazing, our candles are incredible for creating a spa at home. After a long day of learning, and a late night of partying, light a candle, get cozy and calm
your mind. Your space will not only feel amazing, it will smell amazing too!

Well there you have it, our list of House of Jude Dorm Room Essentials for this new chapter in your life. In no particular order, each of these products won’t disappoint so share this post and happy shopping!

House of Jude candle with a small plant

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