Since I know you read my last blog post, I won’t spend the first half of this one re-sharing just how much I love fall. I will, however, add one more reason to that list and it’s this: fall dates are the best dates! I don’t know about you, but for me the month of September was a complete blur, and spending time with my husband was at the bottom of the priority list. Now that our schedule is a little bit lighter, the kids are finally settled into their new routine, and I have a tad bit more time to plan, it’s time to start monthly date nights again! Our monthly date nights are something I have always lived for. If this isn’t something you have tried, I suggest you do. First and foremost, put it in your calendar! Just like every other scheduled appointment, date night needs to be scheduled or chances are it won’t happen. Once you’ve picked a date, it’s time to get creative and that is what I am here to help with. I have compiled a list of my favourite fall date activities and shared them in no particular order. Do yourself a favour and check one off the list before the end of October. You can thank me later!

Visit Your Local Trail

There are countless trails that you could choose, whether it’s close to home or a little bit further. I promise you won’t regret going! My favourite time to go is later afternoon but any time of day works. Pack a picnic basket with your favourite snacks (I usually go with a pre-made charcuterie board- it never disappoints), your House of Jude blanket and some nice beverages. Pick the perfect spot and get comfy, the fall leaves make for the most romantic scenery! Usually, we start by walking the trail and midway through we stop for a bite to eat. You’d be surprised by how nourishing it is for the soul to go for even a short walk in nature.

An empty beautiful fall trail on a sunny day

Pumpkin Patch or Apple Picking

I feel like this one doesn’t require any convincing. Is it only me that waits all year to enjoy these activities? While it’s really nice to go as a family, it is just as nice to go with your significant other. Put on your favourite fall sweater, your cute boots that are collecting dust and go pick out the perfect pumpkin and/or most delicious apples. Take some Instagram worthy photos, drink a hot chocolate together and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful colours and festivities. After all, snow and hibernation aren’t that far away!

Apples in a basket and a pumpkin on the ground with fallen brown leaves around it

Outdoor Movie Night

Okay, this is one of my favourite night time dates. Now that it’s getting dark a lot earlier, this is the perfect date night activity (especially if you go to bed at 10pm like me!). There are so many options for projectors that you can purchase (that aren’t crazy expensive) right off Amazon, and they are worth every penny. Add to the ambiance with an outdoor fire, s’mores, wine and take out. This is especially great if you have little ones with no child care. You can enjoy a date when they go to bed right from the comfort of your own home!

An outdoor movie night on top of a condo rooftop

Date nights are good for the soul, so don’t forget to make it a priority. There is no better time than now!

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