Fall Garden Projects 

If there is one thing I can confidently say about summer ending, it’s that I’m going to miss my garden veggies and beautiful flowers so very much! I put tons of love into growing delicious tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, kale, parsley, basil and peppers. I had the most delicious salads right from my garden, all summer long. As the days get cooler and fall gets closer, I find myself wanting to continue using my backyard space as much as possible (literally until the snow falls, and depending on how creative I get, maybe even then too!). I am motivated to continue with some fall gardening because I can honestly say it has made me so much more connected to the food I eat and just how much love goes into growing it! I also want to plan and prepare so that when spring comes, my plants thrive (whether they are edible or not!). So, if you’re wondering what the heck I plan on doing in my garden as summer ends and fall begins, keep reading!

A planter with a basket beside it in a backyard

Plant Garlic

Believe it or not, the best time to plant garlic is in the fall, preferably in late October. While you might not be able to reap the benefits just yet, it will be one of the first things to come up when spring arrives. Garlic isn’t difficult to grow, but it is important that you have good quality soil. You want to plant the seed 1-3 inches deep (if winter is harsh where you live, aim for 3 inches), each clove of garlic with the pointy side up, each clove at least 4 inches apart. Planting garlic is a great fall project that will keep you connected to your garden and even more connected to your taste buds when spring arrives!

A woman planting herbs in her backyard in a greenhouse

Plant Tulips

Planting tulips is another easy garden project that is best done in the fall. The best time to do this is between September-November (at least 6 weeks before the first frost!). Much like your garlic, you want to plant your tulip bulb with the pointy side up between 6-8 inches deep. Water your bulb immediately after planting and patiently wait for spring to arrive. There is something about Tulips flourishing that really makes me feel like spring has arrived, it’s definitely a bonus when it’s in your own garden!

A woman outside in her backyard planting

Create a Fire Pit Area 

Okay this might not be directly related to your garden but I will say it’s my number one tip for creating a backyard garden space that can be enjoyed right up until it snows. Sitting by the fire in the summer, cool drink in hand is something I look forward to every year. Sitting by the fire in the fall, hot drink in hand, cuddled under blankets with my favourite people might be even better! Last year I made it my priority to get outside no matter how cold it was for at least ten minutes. This year, I am making it my priority to set up an outdoor fall/winter paradise and truly enjoy the changing seasons. A large part of achieving this goal is creating an outdoor fire pit, and more importantly a sitting area around the fire pit so that it is put to good use! 

2 chairs in front of a fire pit with a waffle blanket hanging off of it

So there you have it, summer might be over but fall gardening and backyard plans don’t need to end entirely. Plant some garlic and tulips and when you’re done, make a nice hot cup of tea, cuddle under the coziest of blankets and sit by the fire - while snacking on s'mores of course! 

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