It’s officially September and much like the start of spring, I have the sudden urge to clean and organize excessively. Lately I’ve been cracking the windows and tackling one room at a time - this fresh air is giving me life! The last step I take to reach maximum cleanliness is to wash my bed pillows. Yes, you read that
correctly! I make it an absolute priority to wash all of the sleep pillows in my house as part of my spring and fall cleaning schedule. Perhaps this seems a bit extreme but it’s actually a really important thing to do. Without grossing you out completely, I’ll simply say that if you don’t wash your sleep pillow, you risk sleeping on a collection of dust, sweat, allergens and bacteria ... enough said? We have put together a list of pillow washing rules to support you through the process!

1. Wash your Sleep Pillows at Least Twice a Year
As I mentioned, I embed bed pillow washing into my spring and fall cleaning schedule. While it’s perfectly okay to wash your sleep pillows more, it is recommended that you wash them at least twice a year, preferably every four to six months. That’s not so bad is it?

A stack of sleep pillows with no cases on top of each other on a bed

2. Wash and Dry your Sleep Pillows Carefully
Don’t panic, it’s still really easy to wash sleep pillows, you just want to ensure you’re cautious with your washing machine and dryer settings. Use cool water and a mild detergent, like this one! To avoid the residue of the detergent from staying on the pillow, you want to avoid using too much. Wash with warm or cool water (not hot!) and use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. When the cycle is done, either let your pillow air dry (this is my preference) or dry on low heat. That’s it, it really is that simple!

Two sleep pillows with no case in a basket

3. Wash your Pillow Cases Regularly
While it’s safe to wash your sleep pillows at least twice a year, it’s very important that you wash your pillowcases at least once a week. Your pillowcases are exposed to the most dust, oils, sweat and bacteria and after all, your face is directly touching all of these things, nightly! Make washing your pillowcases as
routine as washing your underwear. If you have sensitive skin, you might consider washing your pillowcase even more often. It can be helpful to have extra pillowcases ready to go in case you can’t get to washing them as regularly. If you’re in the market for some, check out our collection here. If you use pillow covers, you’ll want to wash those at least every two months.

A sleep pillow on a bed with a haven house of jude pillow case on it

Now you can make taking care of your sleep pillows and pillowcases a priority for your health and if that doesn’t convince you, make it a priority for your beauty! Your face deserves a fresh place to sleep each night!

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