How to Care for Your Turkish Towel

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So you finally bought it - the Turkish towel that you’ve had your eye on for a while.  But what now? There are certain steps you can take to ensure you make the most of your Turkish Towel.
The very first thing you should do when you receive any Turkish towel is to let it soak in cold water overnight. Thats it. It’s simple!
Whether it be a tub, a sink or a basin, let your new, beautiful Turkish towel soak in cold water for up 12 hours. Once it’s done soaking, throw it in the wash on cold, and hang it somewhere to air dry - consider a banister, door knob or towel rod. In doing so, you’re allowing the Turkish cotton strands to expand, allowing your towel to become incredibly soft and absorbent.
You’ll notice the difference immediately, and the best part is the more you use the towel the softer it gets!
Moving forward, you can throw your towels in the wash. Just make sure it’s always done in cold water and in a lighter load without any bulky items. The same goes with the dryer to tumble dry on low heat. That said, we recommend hanging to dry to reduce the likelihood of shrinking, and because air drying is more gentle on the fabric.
Don't worry! You don't need to wash your Turkish towels as often as regular terry towels. They dry so quickly and so they'll never get that damp towel smell.
Remember to never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they will coat the fibres and reduce absorbency!
Overall, if treated right, these timeless Turkish textiles will last you for years to come!
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  • Marisa, use a gentle laundry detergent! I hope you love the towels you have! The blush is more of a peachy pink and has a medium tone, not bright or soft!

    Jody, you can definitely soak any time!

    House of Jude on
  • Hi Kristina, After you soak overnight & put in cold water wash do you need to use laundry detergent or just run the washer on cold wash only? Thanks in advance for tips. Have’nt used mine yet but love the fawn colour. Thinking of the blush next. Is it very pink? Soft pink, bright pink? Or rose’ can you advise, Thank you😊

    Marisa on
  • Sooo what happens if you have washed them once before reading this?! Should I now soak them or is it to late?

    Jody on

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