Tis’ the season for cheese boards! I mean, any time is a good time for a cheese board but I definitely find myself making them most during the Holidays. They’re a crowd pleaser as a host or hostess and cheese boards are also perfect to bring to family dinner! While cheese boards are really easy to do, I do have a few tips to help elevate them to the next level. I always refer to my cheese boards as a work of art and frankly, so does everyone else!

1. Choose the perfect tray
I usually gravitate to a wooden board because it naturally gives an earthy, cozy vibe but you can choose whatever tray you like. Stick to something sturdy (don’t underestimate the weight of cheese!) and consider the shape. I really like using round ones but I have also made some really beautiful cheese trays with rectangular boardsChoose a neutral color (wood, gold, silver etc) so that the food on the tray really pops!

A circle shaped wooden board with meat and cheese on it

2. Add Small Bowls
I like to start by adding small bowls to my tray before adding food. This helps me with the layout and I fill the bowls with olives, dried fruit, pesto, hummus or any dip of your liking!

Close up shot of a cheese board with 2 small bowls within it

3. Don’t forget the cheese
Of course, a cheese board isn’t a cheese board without the cheese! Unless you know exactly what kind of cheese your guests enjoy, it’s best to offer a variety. I also use this as my second step to creating the perfect board. Cheese should be served at room temperature so I like to create my cheese board, refrigerate and then take out about 30 minutes before guests arrive. I will usually serve soft cheese as is (with a small knife for guests to spread) and I will cut hard cheese like cheddar and or parmesan into cubes or strips.

Close up shot of three different types of cheese on a board

3. Add some meat
Choose which different types of meat you are going to serve on your board and get creative! Fold them, stack them or fan them (this method helps to take up space), just make sure it is easy for your guests to grab and go! If you’re using a meat like sausage, it can be helpful to pre cut it. Place your meats around the cheese and bring your vision to life!

Close up shot of 2 different types of meat on a board

4. Crackers + Bread are a MUST
Now that you have your bowls surrounded by beautiful cheese and meat options, it’s time to add crackers and bread! Cut bread into small pieces and choose a few different types of crackers to work with. Fill in the larger gaps with rows of the sliced bread (I usually stick with a fresh baguette) and
crackers. Using a variety adds texture and colour!

A cheese board with cut up bread and crackers

5. Fill in the Gaps
You’re almost done! Now it’s time to fill in the smaller gaps with things like grapes, nuts and seeds, dried fruit or anything of your choosing! This is a great way to add colour to your board with the benefit of delicious items to snack on. Another great way to bring your cheese board game up a notch is to add greenery! Little springs of rosemary go really nicely on a cheese board and help to fill in larger gaps, but you can choose any “greenery” you like.

A cheese board with many garnishes and gap fillers

And just like that, your cheese tray is ready to be enjoyed! Bon appetite!

A Holiday Cheese Board with an ingredients list on the side

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