There’s truly nothing I love more than hosting a dinner party. Hanging out with the people I love most, enjoying delicious food, a glass of wine (or two) and paying attention to all of the small details that make hosting so much fun. Now more than ever, I appreciate just how special it is to get together with loved ones. With the Holidays around the corner, I also made it a priority to include the most beautiful items in our collection that will make your tablescape one to remember.

Warning: the following ideas will likely have your friends and family volunteering you as the host/hostess for all future dinner parties!

Use Texture to add Warmth

Use textured placemats to add warmth which something we all need during the cold winter months!If you haven’t seen our Seagrass Placemats yet, click here and take in all of their beauty! These place mats are hand woven, neutral, and perfect to use for any and all dinners. The naturally tone and braided weave adds the a lovely earthy texture and can be used for everyday use, or for that special dinner you’re hosting. They are a simple, effective and inexpensive way to make your table beautiful. 

A single table setting with a brown cloth napkin
Ditch the Paper Napkins

If you’re wanting to make your tablescape one to remember, ditch the paper napkins and replace them with cloth ones. This is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your table, and they can be washed and reused for all future dinners. A zero-waste lifestyle is incredibly important to us at House of Jude and including our reusable cloth napkins in our collection was an absolute priority. We couldn’t have imagined just how beautiful they would be, I promise, they won’t disappoint. If you’re really wanting to add a special touch to your table, check out our napkin rings. They are also seagrass (much like our placemats) and are the perfect complement to any colour you choose for your napkins.

Brown cloth napkin hanging from one single Christmas table setting
Choose the Perfect Dishes

Whatever your theme may be, make sure that your dishes make the right statement. You don’t need to go out and break the bank on dishes, but, be selective! Take time to choose the perfect size and shape, layer larger dishes with smaller ones and incorporate your colour theme where possible. If you’re decorating for the holidays, silver and gold are great, timeless choices.

A set up table with 4 settings and different dishes and decorations

Add Greenery + Elements of Nature

While this tip can be used any time of year, during the holidays it is the easiest, most effective way to make your tablescape beautiful. Place cedar or pine branches across the table with acorns and artificial berries for an added festive touch. This creates a warm, cozy setting. It gives your table an earthy vibe
and gives your guests all the holiday feels!

Two Christmas table settings with greenery

Make Room for Candles

There’s no hiding that I love candles. I almost always have one lit, no matter the day or season. With that said, my appreciation for candles dramatically increases during the colder months. Something about a candle when it’s cold outside and you’re hibernating inside; there’s really nothing better! When hosting a dinner party, lighting candles is the easiest way to really set the mood. Is anyone else thinking about almost every movie Diane Keaton is in? The perfect family dinner always has lit candles on the table. It adds an ambience that can’t be matched. I especially love using our House of Jude Candles because not only do they smell amazing, but the wooden wick creates the perfect flame.

A lit up House of Jude candle on dark wood table

There you have it. Our top five tips to creating the perfect table scape for your holiday dinner. Incorporate all or some of these ideas into your next dinner party planning and start early, the holidays will be here before you know it!



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