Last year was a year of DIY tie dye EVERYTHING and 2021 is the year of planting your own veggies and herbs. If I had to choose, I’d pick home grown herbs every time. There is nothing like going to your outdoor space and using the veggies and herbs YOU grew to make a delicious, savory, homemade meal. The best part of a potted herb garden is you don't need a large garden bed - a patio or even a kitchen window will do! With that said, herb gardening can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. I am here to break it down and as always, make life simpler. So, grab your gardening tools, your HOJ apron and a glass of wine and let’s plant an outdoor potted herb garden together!

Woman gardening in greenhouse wearing an apron

Choose a container for your herbs

The first step is nice and easy. Choose pots or containers for your potted herb garden. The good news here is that you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune on anything too fancy. The most important thing is that your container has enough space for the number of herbs you’re planting and that it has drainage in the bottom. Most herbs don’t have large roots so you also don’t need anything too big.

Choose the right soil to help your potted herb garden thrive

Have you been to the gardening centre lately? There are TONS of different soil options and if I didn’t know better, I’d be absolutely baffled about which one to use for my potted herb garden. I like the “Organic Promix” that you can buy almost anywhere but if you can’t find that one specifically, choose any potting soil. Most herbs are quite resilient and as long as you have drainage in the container you have chosen, the soil shouldn’t be a deal breaker for your potted herb garden.

What herbs should you plant?

This is entirely up to you! Think about which herbs you are most likely to use. I like to plant basil, rosemary, parsley and cilantro. I use these herbs almost every single day so nothing goes to waste!

Choose a location for your potted herb garden

Next you want to choose a space with lots of sunlight for your herbs. Most herbs require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day so choose the location carefully, but the good news is you don't need much space for a few potted herbs! I recommend paying close attention to your outdoor space on a sunny day to determine the perfect spot! Some herbs do prefer partial sun including parsley, mint, and dill so consider this when planting.

How to plant your herbs

Now you have your container, soil and herbs. You’re ready to go! Fill your pot with soil and leave a few inches to spare. Create a hole for your herb plant, gently remove it from the grow pot it came in and place it in the hole. Fill any remaining space with more soil and pat it down at the base of the plant. Repeat this process until all of your herbs are planted. Don’t forget to label your herbs so you remember which is which - you can buy some labels or use the good old fashioned sharpie on a popsicle stick trick. Water immediately.

Black sticks with herb labels on them with herbs and a towel

How often to water your potted herb garden

If you’re still with me, you’re probably wondering how the heck you keep this beauties alive! Well, the answer is simple, sunlight (or partial sun if required) and water! Easy enough right? Well, it can be that easy. If you water your herbs too often, you can quite literally drown them. If you don’t water them enough, they might starve and dry out. The best way to tell if it’s time for you to water your potted herb garden is to feel the soil. If the soil is dry, give them some love. If it’s moist, wait another day or two.

How to plant an herb garden infographic

Now that you know how to plant a potted herb garden in 6 easy steps, get to it! It doesn’t take long and I promise your herbs will satisfy you way more than the ones you buy at the grocery store!

Happy Planting!


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