Cleaning Tips for Spring + Beyond

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air; it’s FINALLY feeling like spring! For me, spring is the absolute best season of all. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and you’re able to spend more time outside enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Spring is also a wonderful time to give your home a nice, “spring clean”. This term is probably not new to you but I’m here to help you break it down into small, achievable steps!

Cleaning tips infographic

Make a Schedule

The best first step to successfully giving your home a quality clean is to make a schedule! Write out each room you want to tackle and when. Then, take it one step further and write out all of the things that need to be done in the room before you start. This only takes a few minutes and makes the process so much more efficient. Also, there is NO better feeling than checking off your “to do” list, am I right?

Stay Organized

Next, one of the best tips I can give is stay organized! Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place, preferably in a caddy that you can bring with you from room to room. This will prevent you from wasting time running back and forth for the supplies that you need. Seriously, this tip will be a game changer for you!

Clear the Clutter

Your next helpful tip is clear the clutter! When I hear clutter I think of those little trinkets, figurines and collectables. If this is you, that is totally okay, I fully support everyone’s individual style BUT finding one designated space for your items can REALLY help when it comes to cleaning a space. Remove the items, dust, wipe them down and put them back. Don’t let dust collect over time, it’s so much harder to eliminate!

Vacuum Last

While it’s entirely up to you which order you clean, I HIGHLY recommend vacuuming last. Dusting, cleaning, decluttering can lead to crumbs, particles and dust all over the place (even if you can’t see it!). Vacuuming last is the best way to ensure that your house is clear of all of this (especially if you suffer from allergies)!

Clear out Garbage

Finally, clear out garbage! I don’t know about you but as I clean, I bring a grocery bag around with me to collect toilet paper rolls, tags from clothing (is this just me?!), candy wrappers (shhh!) and anything else that hasn’t quite made its way to the waste basket. By the time I’m done, the bag is almost always full and there is something so satisfying about throwing it in the garbage bin once I’ve cleaned entirely.

Two spray bottles and cleaning brush on top of two towels

Here are a few more tips to make cleaning more tolerable, and maybe even fun!

  1. Blast that music! Whether it’s country, rock and roll or oldies…music really helps to get you motivated and moving.
  2. PURGE! Getting rid of what no longer serves you is SO liberating. Donate those items to someone who can really use them. Not only are you decluttering your home, you’re helping someone in need.
  3. Complete one room ENTIRELY before moving onto the next. It is SO motivating to see, feel and enjoy a clutter free, tidy and CLEAN space. It will totally give you life and leave you wanting to do more!
  4. Set a timer! Yes, seriously. Set a timer and don’t stop moving until the timer beeps. You have NO idea how much you can accomplish without taking breaks to scroll through social media. Try it, I promise you’ll surprise yourself.
  5. Last but not least, when you’re done, light a candle (we are somewhat bias, but our candles are worth raving about), take a nice hot bath (while your House of Jude towel waits for you), and enjoy your clean, intentional space.

Bath Tray with a Towel, Candle, Soap and book

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