We all have that one household chore we absolutely hate doing and for me, it’s laundry. I am the person who will run the dryer way more than I need to just to avoid folding and putting the clothes away. To make doing laundry a little bit less terrible, I made a few small changes to my space as well as my
routine and I have to admit that now it’s my second least favourite chore instead of my first! If you’re anything like me, keep reading to be inspired in the laundry room!

Make your Space Functional + Beautiful
Doing laundry might be boring but the space you do it in doesn’t have to be! Add simple shelving, pictures and greenery to make your space more enjoyable. Buy glass jars to store your products, make them accessible and visually appealing so that walking into your laundry room doesn’t make you want to run! Small changes to a space go a long way and I firmly believe that if you like your surroundings, you are more productive.

Beautiful large laundry room with plants, rug, and sink

Use the Right Detergent
Most laundry detergents consist of toxic, harmful chemicals that no one should be exposed to. They might smell “clean” but they are so far from it. At House of Jude we strongly believe in being as “clean” as possible and the laundry room is a great place to make small changes that have a big impact. Our all natural Lavender Laundry Soap is one of my favourite products. It gently cleans your clothing and textiles, and smells amazing thanks to essential oils (instead of artificial fragrances). It can be used in top or front loading washing machines and it will have your laundry room smelling of lavender. It also comes in a decorative minimalist jar to suit any space (see our first tip!).

Jar of Lavender Laundry Soap laying on a pile of textiles in laundry basket.

Ditch the Dryer Sheets + Fabric Softeners
If you’re about to stop reading because you refuse to settle for stiff jeans, don’t panic, I’m actually here to tell you there’s a much better alternative. Our Wool Dryer Balls are exactly what you need to keep your textiles soft without the chemicals and toxins that come with dryer sheets and fabric softeners. If this is
your first time hearing about this alternative, keep reading! Our dryer balls come in a pack of six, they are made with 100% New Zealand wool, absorb moisture and naturally soften your textiles. Could there be a better solution? They are safe and especially perfect for those with skin sensitivities. I also use them as décor in a beautiful bowl when they’re not being used!

Bowl of Wool Dryer Balls on a wooden indoor bench

Be Strategic
As a self-proclaimed procrastinator, I will admit that I have left clean, folded clothes in a laundry basket for days. I am not proud of it (and my mom would be horrified to read this), but, I have found a simple solution to this problem! Once my laundry is clean, I fold it and place it in piles on my bed divided by the room it belongs in. This is the only way laundry gets put away right away. After all, I can’t go to sleep with laundry all over my bed!

Laundry Basket full of folded Turkish textiles

I never thought I’d say this but doing laundry doesn’t have to be horrible. Make small changes to your space, products and strategy and it might just become something you enjoy!

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