The weather is warmer, the days are longer and we are finally able to enjoy our outdoor spaces! Whatever your space looks like, I’m here to tell you that you can do a few small things to make it perfect for a date night with your significant other or for a fun evening with friends. If you’re in a slump and having a hard time getting inspired, we are here to help!



Outdoor patio backyard date set up

One of the keys to a romantic date night with anyone is lighting. Whether you’re spending quality time with your partner or friends, the right lighting is a total game changer. String some lights from your patio umbrella or along your fence near your sitting area. You can purchase outdoor string lights at most big box stores and they can be relatively inexpensive. You can also achieve great lighting by using lanterns or even candles you may have at home. If you don't have any you love, try our Natural Soy Candles. There are limitless lighting options to get the ambience perfect!

Pillows and Blankets

Two outdoor chairs with a Waffle Blanket on top of one on grass

The days might be hot, but spring nights are often much cooler. When you’re hosting your outside date night, whether it be with friends, family or for your partner, have some blankets on hand in case you get chilly. If you don’t have patio furniture, maximize your space with lots of comfy pillows and a blanket to sit on. Make a picnic and get cozy!

Food + Drinks

Picnic set up on grass with Oversized Towels, Cheese and meat board and wine

Well of course we are going to discuss food. No date night is perfect without some delicious snacks. My favourite go-to is a charcuterie board full of everyone’s favourite snack foods. Bread sausage, fruit, crackers, cheese, olives and pickles, oh my! The options are endless. Whatever you and your guests enjoy, throw them on a giant wood board (or even a baking tray) and make it look pretty. Serve with some appetizers and everyone will be full and satisfied.

When it comes to drinks, consider a nice glass of wine, a cold beer or some fresh mint-infused water!


Outdoor romantic tablescape with cloth napkins, plant, and 2 cocktails

If you have an outdoor table, make it beautiful! Whoever your date night is with, a table with your beautiful dishes and linens can really set the mood. Candles, greenery and flowers on the table go a long way. Individual cloth napkins and napkin rings add a personalized touch and never fail to impress. Missing a few pieces? Shop our Table collection. Flowers on the table make your space feel romantic and help to set the mood.   

Lastly, ditch the phone! Having a technology free zone really allows for connecting with others. Be present during your date night, whoever it is with, and take some time to appreciate the beautiful space you created!

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