If I had to pick one item to add to a room to transform it almost instantly, it would definitely be a rug. There are no limitations to where a rug can take you thanks to the various patterns, textures and styles that are available with the click of a button (professional online shopper here!). There is, however, one

thing about rug shopping that makes me doubt my abilities and that is most definitely purchasing the correct size for the space I’m shopping for. There is nothing more defeating than falling in love with a rug only to find out that it isn’t the size you need, and because of that, I’ve come up with some really
simple tips to make sure that love at first sight includes the perfect size (yes, I’m still talking about rugs here!).

Measure your Space
Okay, this is probably stating the obvious but this is the first and most important tip that is most often forgotten! Where will your rug be placed? Will it be under your bed or in front of it? I like to take it one extra step and measure with string, place it the way I want it, and see which size looks best. While
this may seem like a lot of work, I promise it is way easier than bringing a rug home only to return it days later!

measuring tape

Use Visuals
We have made this even easier by creating a visual for you! Whether you have a queen or a king bed, we have made it simple to decide how you want the rug to look in your space. When you have a queen bed, you want to avoid going smaller than a 5x8, a 6x9 also works, and go no bigger than an 8x10. When you have a king bed, stick with a 6x9, 8x10 or a 9x12 but when in doubt, opt for bigger!

Area rug guide for under bed

Pay attention to detail
When you’re measuring the space, make sure that you consider the finer details. While bigger is almost always better, you also don’t want to cover important things like vents! This is where measuring beforehand can be really helpful. While you might like the way a particular size looks under your bed, it won’t feel good when you’re sweating in the summer or freezing in the winter because your rug covers that vent!

Last but definitely not least, prioritize your comfort by ensuring your rug is positioned so that you step on it when you get out of bed in the morning. You can have both style and comfort if you choose the right sized rug for under your bed!

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