Air-dry your hair they said... everyone please meet thy mane of unmanageable frizz.

The cold hard truth is that it's not as simple as it seems. The fear of frizzy, unruly hair is all too real. I get it, I've been there. Lucky for you, I've gone through the process and am here today to tell you my secret to air-drying your hair and achieving the perfect summer-do.

Let's start with the WHY

Not only is air-drying good for the environment by using less energy, it's also so much better for your hair. Hot styling appliances cause a lot of damage and remove your hair’s natural moisture. The result: split ends & breakage.

I personally don't have time for that. Here's my secret to air-drying your hair:

Girl wearing Turkish Towel holding her hair up

1. Use a great conditioner.
Look for one that retains moisture and is ultimately hydrating. I like to leave my conditioner in while I exfoliate, shave + perform my shower concert (I know I'm not alone). 
*Bonus Tip*: Rinse with cold water, it also increases your hair’s natural shine. 

2. Use a towel that's gentle.
When you're getting out of the shower, ring out as much of the water as possible. Then use a towel to gently squeeze the excess water. What kind of towel do I use? you guessed it - I use our Turkish towels, the mini Turkish towel is perfect (shown in the picture below). The long strands of the Turkish cotton become softer with every use, they're incredibly absorbent and the combination of the bamboo in the towel with the Turkish cotton ensures the fibres don't cause any stress to my hair. 

3. Comb your hair from root to end. This one is relatively optional. I've gone back and forth over the years experimenting brushing and not brushing my hair after a shower. The truth of the matter is, my hair honestly does have less frizz after I comb it. 

4. Finally, apply a moisturizing leave-in. The final piece of the puzzle that is the secret to air-drying your hair without the frizz is to invest in a good lightweight leave in conditioner (spray or cream) that'll nourish and hydrate your hair throughout the day. 

*EXTRA BONUS* (la 'pièce de résistance'): Add in a sea salt spray for a textured look. It adds body and helps to reduce frizz... and honestly who doesn't want the 'I just got back from the beach and my hair just naturally dries this perfect' kind of look.

Girl with Turkish Towel wrapped around her hair on her head

There you have it, my secrets to air-drying hair. Now, let me be clear, although this works for me, it may not work for you. It'll take time and patience (...mostly patience) to really narrow down what works best for your own hair. In the meantime, try this method! Or at least toss your blow dryer and any other hot styling appliances in the closet for the rest of the summer and see what good things will come from it! 





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