So you've heard about Turkish towels, and your best friend probably has a few, but you don't quite know what the hype is about.

Turkish towels, also known as Peshtemals, are made with a unique weave that wicks the water away from your body so you'll feel cozy and dry faster when you wrap up in them. These outstanding towels are made of Turkish cotton which is some of the best cotton in the world because of the optimum growing conditions. The main growing regions in Turkey see more rainy days than sunny days which means the cotton plants can really thrive! For this reason, Turkish cotton is so much more eco-friendly than most of the world's cotton which requires lots of water and pesticides.

High quality cotton means long cotton fibres, fewer joints in the yarn, and the softest towels you can get your hands on!

Three Turkish Hand Towels hanging from a hanger

There are so many fantastic reasons to switch out your old terry towels and make the jump to Turkish towels. One of the main features that make Turkish towels so popular is their ability to dry quickly and resistance to mould and mildew. That means you can wash them less often and they'll never get that damp towel smell!

Turkish towels are super compact and easy to store so they don't take up much room in your small spaces. Seriously though, I feel like Marie Kondo would love these towels! 

Turkish Towels rolled up on a shelf

So many beach goers won't hit the sand without their Turkish towels in tow. Why? It's simple. They virtually repel the sand! When you give your Turkish towels a shake, the sand is completely gone! This means you aren't bringing the beach back with you in your beach bag. Did I mention they are perfectly packable and you can stash a family's set of towels in one bag?

Turkish Towels folded up on a log at a beach with a sea shell on top

Turkish towels used to be exclusively loved by beach goers and interior designers but now everyone in your family can enjoy them! House of Jude makes Turkish towels functional and affordable for babies, kids, and adults! 

Mom in Turkish Towel Robe holding baby in Hooded Baby Towel

We know you'll love Turkish towels as much as we do! Click here to shop House of Jude Turkish Towels.



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