Hygge, pronounced "hoo-guh" is a Danish word, referring to all things cozy. Hygge is an amazing way to make your home extra warm in the frigid winter.

Add these things to your home to create that perfect Hygge ambiance and get you through to spring:

Girl wearing Turkish Cotton Robe in bed with a tray with coffee and cookies and wash cloth

Warm Drinks

Think hot chocolate, chai latte, or your favourite mug full of coffee. Snuggle up in a soft robe and sip it slow!


House of Jude House Blend Candle lit up on dark wooden table


In winter the days are shorter. Instead of turning on your lights, consider striking a match and fill your room with candle light. You'll love the warm glow and calming energy they create.



Throw on a warm sweater and cozy scarf and snuggle up with a book, or e-book! Find a comfy chair and let the day pass you by.


Fire place

Fire Place

There's nothing better than a cozy fire to warm the house on a cold day. No need to even leave home!



Keep a basket of blankets in every room in your house. You never know when you'll want to reach for something soft to snuggle up in!

For some other great ideas, try these other ideas to create that perfect Hygge ambiance!

Remember to invite some friends over, as spending time with loved ones is an important part of Hygge! Enjoy!



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