One of my all-time favourite activities is yoga and while I love doing it from the comfort of my own home, there is something about the energy, ambiance and calmness of the studio that I love even more. It serves as an escape from the outside world, a small room built for growth and development both physically and mentally. I have my go-to items that travel with me to and from the studio, and one of the most important is and will always be my House of Jude Oversized Towel. While I could give you countless reasons why your House of Jude Oversized Towel should be waiting by the door for you as well, I’ll stick to my top four reasons.

Turkish Towels are Compact

Rolled Turkish Towel For Yoga

This might be my number one reason for ensuring my House of Jude Oversized Towel is always ready for my next class. I despise lugging around a giant bag and when I was bringing the average towel with me, I had no choice. My 2L water bottle couldn’t be sacrificed so I often walked into the studio with my bag and hands full, more stressed and annoyed than calm and ready for practice. When I pack my House of Jude Oversized Towel, it takes up next to no space and I can fit everything including my water bottle in my bag. Whether you’re going to yoga, the gym or to the pool, it’s an absolute necessity.

Turkish Towels are Naturally Antibacterial and Absorbent

Turkish Towel Neutral Stack

I’m not sure I need to elaborate on this one but I will anyways. When your towel is travelling with you and wiping sweat from your forehead, it’s not exactly the nicest smelling item in your gym bag. When you use a Turkish towel, its antibacterial properties prevent the wet towel smell from taking over so even if you forget to take it out of your bag when you get home, you won’t suffer. The quick-drying weave also prevents the towel from remaining soaking wet which helps to prevent that wet towel smell!

Turkish Towels can be Multi-purpose

Yoga Hand Mudras

House of Jude Oversized Towels really are your best friend during a yoga class. No matter what yoga mat I have used, I always end up slipping and sliding before the class is done. Recently I had the bright idea to lay my towel on the mat during my practice and I was shocked at how it prevented this from happening.  I have also used my House of Jude Oversized Towel for back support during practice, roll it up and you’re ready to go.

Turkish Towels are Aesthetically Pleasing

Pretty Turkish Towels Hanging

I like to save the best reason for last, and this my friends is it. Our House of Jude Oversized Towels are beautiful. There are so many options to choose from, each with its own fabulous quality, all of which are equally effective at doing what needs to be done. Step up your yoga game with your favourite House of Jude towel, the perfect functional accessory for any yogi!

Turkish Towel Stack on Shelf

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