If you follow us on you know that we've added a new addition to the House of Jude lineup and it is definitely one of our favourites. It’s beautiful, small, buttery soft and an absolute must-have for every little one in your life. If you guessed our new Waffle Lovey, you got it! We have had an overwhelming response to this new gem and with good reason. If you’re wondering “what the heck is a lovey?” or “does my little one need this?” keep reading because we are here to give you all the answers.

What is a Lovey?
A Lovey is a term used to describe an object that a baby or toddler bonds with helping them to feel comforted and safe. It could be anything from a stuffed animal to a blanket - there are no rules and every child is different. Some children bond with one particular item and some don’t bond with any at all. Usually when a baby or child has a Lovey, they use it to help with regulation and sleep. If you
see any mom or dad at a store purchasing several of the same blanket or stuffed toy, it’s safe to say their child has the exact same lovey at home and they are preparing for disaster to strike (aka. a lost or torn Lovey!). I have absolutely been there and can completely relate to the frantic need to have back up Lovies in every corner of the house!

Benefits of using a Lovey
There are so many benefits to introducing your little one to a lovey. As mentioned, it provides a sense of security and safety for your child so when they’re sad or scared, they can cuddle their Lovey and it helps them feel better. It can also help with sleep for the same purpose! I introduced Lovies to my little ones at an age I felt was appropriate and safe for sleep and they STILL sleep with them every single night. It can also help with transitions like going to daycare or their first sleepover. Having a consistent companion to help soothe, relax and comfort your little one is the main job of a Lovey and it can be helpful both day and night, depending on your child!

How to Choose and Use a Lovey
There is no science to choosing which Lovey is best for your child however, opting for one that is breathable, and soft, easy to hold, and washable, are some great places to start. We specifically designed our Lovies so that they are all of the above and more. You can also modify the size by tying a knot in one of the corners for those little hands to grab more easily. An added bonus is the fact that it comes in several different neutral colours and the soft weave is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

When you’re deciding what Lovey to introduce to your little one, it is sometimes trial and error and sometimes it happens organically. To help my children connect to a Lovey, I would offer it during feeds, at sleep time, when they were sad and I also incorporated it into play. While some kids become very quickly attached,
others might take a little bit of time to warm up. Stay consistent because once your little one does have that bond with a Lovey, it really is magical.

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