I should preface this by saying you don't need to have a massive outdoor space to line-dry. Living in southern Ontario, we get a good 6-7 months of cold weather and a lot of snow. So I've not only learned the art of indoor/outdoor line-drying, but also the art of patience + optimism. 

Why you should Line-Dry:
Not only does it save you a bundle of money... honestly, should I just stop there?
It also reduces your carbon footprint and increases the longevity of your clothing and textiles. We've all been there with the now too short shirt - the good news is the consistency of the good old sun won't shrink your clothing. I truly feel no need to dawn an unintentional crop top, thank you. 

Turkish Towels line drying outdoors

Outdoor Line-Drying:
Line + Pins
While I, too thought the twine from the garden would initially be sufficient, I quickly came to hate the threads that would stay in my clothes and leave slivers in places that I don't want to talk about. Do yourself a favour and invest in a somewhat decent clothes-line from a local store. When you string it across your yard, don't forget to look up and stay clear of areas where the birds may sit. Next, your clothes-pins should reflect the investment of the clothes-line. You want a good quality pin that won't let the wind take your favourite Oversized Turkish towel

Indoor Line-Drying: 
Here's where we get creative! There are the traditional methods: retractable clothes-lines or folding clothes-racks. Again, I do suggest you invest in one that will last - think about the weight of wet clothing. Also, try to choose a space that will allow you to go on with your day-to-day life without it being in the way. Consider hanging your laundry before you leave the house or once you're ready to go to sleep. That way, you'll barely notice they're there.

Turkish Hooded Baby Towel and Wash Cloth hanging

Instead of a clothing rack, you can use what you already have. Yup, I'm talking about showers, closets, banisters, open cupboards and doors, just remember to not put too much weight on any of those.  

Tips + Tricks

  • A great trick to get rid of wrinkles is to shake your items before you hang them, and after you take them off the line - *think tumble dry*. 
  • If hanging your clothes outdoors, remember to bring them inside before you're done for the night. The moisture and dew overnight won't do anything to help with drying. 
  • Hang all your darker garments inside out or in the shade to try to prevent them from fading.
  • Try putting out the lighter garments during the point of day when the sun is the strongest, the natural light will lighten everything, and even remove stains!

 Turkish Towels line drying outside

While I wish I were perfect and could say that I line-dry all the time, the truth of the matter is that it does take some time. If I'm busy, I'll throw in a load of laundry into the dryer on low heat, but I've been actively trying to cut that in half. If I have a slow morning, I'll line-dry or I'll pick a day in the week and choose to do it then. When doing so I know that I'm saving money, helping the environment by conserving energy, and preserving the quality and the life-span of my clothing + textiles. 



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