Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set

Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set

Natural Soy Candle

We are beyond excited to offer our Limited Edition Holiday Gift Set which will check the box for everyone on your list this holiday season! Here's what's included:

1. Linen Scrunchie

2. Natural Soy Candle of your choice

3. Fizzy Bath Soak

4. Wash Cloth

Our 100% Linen Scrunchie is made exclusively for House of Jude by Femme Faire. It is the perfect Cinnamon tone for all the cozy vibes this season.

Our soy candles are 100% natural, vegan, eco-friendly and non-toxic (paraben, sulfate and phthalate-free). Lovingly hand-poured in Oshawa, Ontario using soy and shea butter, they are clean burning and feature slow burning wooden wicks. Our minimalist glass vessel with metal lid contains 8 ounces of each mouthwatering aroma. House Blend combines a base of Brazilian Coffee with notes of Sugar Cane and sweet undertones of Maple, creating a warm and calming ambiance. This inviting aroma is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing space as you unwind into your evening rituals. Garnished with 3 genuine coffee beans. Grounding Blend combines a refreshing aroma of saffron and redwood with a touch of vanilla for a cozy finish. For those days when you’re overwhelmed with life’s distractions, ground yourself with an infusion of earthy aromas to activate the chakras. Infused with Himalayan sea salt to release healing and calming negative ions when warmed.

Our all-natural Fizzy Bath Soak is made exclusively for House of Jude by Bare Natural. Hand-made in small batches in Milton, Ontario, it is made with only clean ingredients and is the perfect addition to your bath routine. Coarse pink Himalayan sea salts are slow melting and release grounding negative ions to calm your body, while the scent from pure lavender and eucalyptus essential oils infuse the entire bathroom. Simply pour two capfuls into your bath and let the day's worries melt away. The minimalist glass jar contains 225 grams, which is enough to enjoy 6 baths.

Our Wash Cloths are great for face, body or baby. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, the unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell. After use, hang to dry using the convenient loop. Subtly textured for a gentle scrub, this Wash Cloth is great for babies, children and those with skin sensitivities. The more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it will become. 

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